Featured by The Japan Times

I got this great opportunity to be featured by The Japan Times on Aug 25th, 2019.

(Read article from here)
I do appreciate the Camryn Privette who is a writer of this article from United Kingdom.

I met her the end of July at the food truck place in Yotsuya,Tokyo.
We both were in the same line to buy the lunch and she was 2 people ahead of me.

She was wearing such a beautiful black dress, and it just kept my eye.
At that time I was together with my colleague, so I just passed him my ¥1,000 and decided to run after her for take a photograph.

(These are the 2 photos I took.)

Camryn Privette

Camryn Privette


Yes, I am Fushin-sya (不審者) in many ways, but it’s just how I’ve been approached to people more than 5years.

I had 0 expectation she is from The Japan Times, I had 0 expectation, it’s gonna end up like this.

Feels grateful and lucky enough.