Photo credit  ©Nicolas Garcia

Photo credit ©Nicolas Garcia

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About Yuta Kato

As a journalist/documentary photographer I started an ongoing project “HAZIME-MASHITE” which is talking with people on the street, learning about their lives and publishing pictures and stories. I’ve been doing this for 4 years, and I could published my firs book『HAZIME-MASHITE』 in 2016, Kobe, Japan, and now I got a scholarship from Japanese Government Organization "TOBITATE"  for continuing this project and learning Photography in art school, Vancouver, 2017-2018.

After I conversed with over 3000 strangers on the street and took portraits of them, I realized  I am deeply passionate about the power of Visual storytelling through Photographs.

For me, Photography is all about people. Camera is a tool for communication and connection, and pictures are my best friend for learning about one another.




Work with

BeatRoute Magazine, Blackwood Lane Winery, Bridges Restaurant, Coffee LABO frank, Eat Local Kobe, Fervid Business Solutions, IN THA DOOR BREWING, KOBE LOCAL BEER PROJECT, Lizabell Agency, NYLON MAGAZINE, Pampshade, Vestige Story, WHO’S WHO gallery, 一般社団法人Kobe Farmers Market, カジカジ, 株式会社竹中弘樹事務所, 株式会社タベモノガタリ, 神戸市, 折角堂, ナチュラリズムファーム, はなもに, 101