The reason why I love Photography

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Hello, Friends,

I have a question to photographers out there.

If someone ask you

"What is your type of photography that you passionate about?"

what's your answer look like?

And Probably People will come up with this next question

"Why do you enjoy Photography? Why do you continue Photography?"

Can you answer it immediately? or are you still not sure why do you enjoy Photography?

Today's blog is about the type of photography that I like, and the reason I do photography. 

Without going any further, Let's dive into my answer!


Personally, I can answer that question by describing April 3rd, 2018 versions of my ideas.

But if you ask me same question tomorrow, it will be not same in my mind.

Maybe it will be sounds like same to you, but my inside is different. It will be a little bit more brushed up and detailed.


Because my mind is changed all the time, and I move forward every single day.

I learn from small challenges, all the conversations and emails, all the lessons teachers gave me, and I spend time for check the details whether I like or not.

So my mind changes little by little, and at the same time I understand what I exactly want to do  NOW. So today's answer will look like...



I like take pictures of people, so my type of photography that I really passionate is Let's say "Portrait and Headshots." The idea simply came from my background.

As a journalist/documentary photographer I started an ongoing project which is talking with people on the street, learning about their lives and publishing pictures and stories.

And I've done it over 4years, so I feel I'm more comfortable to go into people's comfort zone and take environmental portraits/headshots. 

But since I started learning studio photography in school, I have realized I like shooting in studio environment too.

But my interest is still same,


not product, landscape, or architect.

I just love taking pictures of people, it doesn't matter whether it's in studio or location.

And more than that I love communicating with people.


Recently I realized, what's matter for me about my pictures, or I should say What I care when I see my picture is, 

DISTANCE between my heart and their(model's) heart.

How close relationship I could make during the shoots, in other words, how much I could understand about them(models).

I believe pictures can show and reflect how close relationship photographer made between subjects.

So how I communicate with models will reflect on my pictures through the vibe and expressions. It's quite obvious.

So as a fact, I have 0 interest of clicking camera itself. 

What I am enjoying about photography, or I should say the reason I do photography is,

it gives me the opportunity to get to know about people.

I am just curious learning about other people's life.

So for me Photography is all about get to know the person in front of me more than anybody else at the moment.

Camera is a tool for communication and connection.

And pictures are my best friend for learning about people, world, and myself.

Let's say it is the best textbook that I ever got.

It's like my bible, leading me/us to be better.


So that's my today's answer.

Thank you for reading my blog.

If you have comments or questions, reach me out on social media or send me email.