Photo credit Deri

Photo credit Deri

About Yuta Kato

As a journalist/documentary photographer I started a project “HAZIME-MASHITE” which is talking with people on the street, learning about their lives and publishing pictures and stories. I’ve been doing this for 5 years, and I could published my firs book『HAZIME-MASHITE』 in 2016, Kobe, Japan, and I got a scholarship from Japanese Government Organization "TOBITATE"  for continuing this project and learning Photography in art school, Vancouver, 2017-2018.

After I conversed with over 3000 strangers on the street and took portraits of them, I realized  I am deeply passionate about the power of Visual storytelling through Photographs.

For me, Photography is all about people. Camera is a tool for communication and connection, and pictures are my best friend for learning about one another.





Press & Interview

2019.08.25 The Japan Times “Yuta Kato: Following his photo instincts”

2018.09.28 NYLON JAPAN 11月号 Mass Appealにて女優 今田美桜さんを撮影

2018.08.30 ABC Radio 「ドッキリ!ハッキリ!三代澤康司です」今日のスペシャル生出演 

2018.08.24 マイルストーンカナダ留学センター カナダ学校特集にて掲載

2017.07.27 株式会社パーソナルキャリアCAMP にて特集掲載

2017.04.22 朝日新聞 夕刊 「HAZIME-MASHITE」活動について取材・掲載

2017.03.01 R不動産 real local 「神戸、この人」にて特集掲載

2016.11.01 関西学院大学 KG JOURNALにて特集

2016.07.01 関西学院大学経済学部 学生レポートにて特集

2016.06.21 初版「HAZIME-MASHITE」出版 神戸7書店にてお取り扱い 440冊販売・完売

2016.04.28 クラウドファンディングにて初版資金集め 目標額達成 

2016.02.04 神戸新聞 朝刊わがまち欄「HAZIME-MASHITE」活動について取材・掲載